Why Pay For A Manufacturing Quote ?


One thing that almost every inventor, as well as their agents, lack when they approach a potential licensee or investor, is a real world manufacturing quote. Under 5% of the thousands of inventions I've been involved with were presented with manufacturing costs determined prior to beginning licensing efforts. This is astounding considering that they all had patents.


Knowing how much it costs to make a product is one of the most important factors in determining a products viability. However, I have never seen a licensing company or agent offer this as a standard service.

Manufacturing is an industry where inventors can quickly get lost. Like all industries, manufacturing has it's own nomenclature and college degrees that can be obtained relating to it in numerous areas from materials science, to computer aided design, to machining and multiple fields of engineering. In order to get a product manufactured, a person typically must interface with sourcing agents, engineers, graphic artist (at least for packaging), manufacturers, shipping companies, customs, etc.

Often for a product to be competitive and affordable (and thus viable) overseas manufacturing is a must. Manufacturing is a process: design then approval or revision, sample production and again, approval or revision, next: tooling, and then a first manufacturing run...

Add to all this that there are good, bad, competent and not so competent people and companies at every level – just getting a real manufacturing quote can be an endeavor requiring not only many hours and much work, but the inventor becoming educated on the ins and outs of manufacturing as well.

Tooling, product and packaging artwork and design, engineering, safety testing, samples and of course manufacturing runs all require money to be paid in advance, sometimes the full amount. Typically half of the full amount is required to initiate the first production run, with the balance due upon delivery.


Most inventors do not need to worry about these things if licensing is their objective.  The reason  that we are providing this service is less to facilitate individual inventors contract manufacturing and far more to provide inventors and their licensing agents with a solid manufacturing quote as a sales tool in their licensing efforts.





We charge $400.00 to obtain an actionable manufacturing quote from a factory servicing major U.S. distributers and retailers through us. The reason that we must charge a fee is that most inventors do not move forward with manufacturing. This means that we ask for a lot quotes but in the end, we expect only a very few inventors per year follow through with an actual manufacturing run. Even with the products that actually make it to market, the licensee often goes through factories that they have an existing relationship with. So while we obtain quotes from only the most reputable factories used by major manufacturers, they will not endlessly provide us quotes with such low conversion rates to actual manufacturing runs. Therefore we make it worth their

while and at least compensate them for their time. It's the only way we can offer this service of providing actionable quotes with reputable factories to the many inventors who need credible data on manufacturing costs for their licensing and financing efforts.



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