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Once we have clarified the details for your quotation, we will send you a copy of the quote request for your approval prior to sending it to a manufacturer. Your approval will oblige you to the specifications you've approved for the quote you've paid for. There may be additional costs if you choose to make changes to your specifications after we have submitted to a manufacturer. Such changes may of course change the costs to manufacture. Our objective is not to charge additional fees for minor changes, simply to have clear parameters and expectations for conducting business.

Once you have completed the below submission form and clicked “Submit” you will be redirected to Paypal.com to render payment. Once Payment is completed you will be contacted within 3 business days to clarify the details. Please include both a valid telephone number and email address.

We may not be able to quote all submissions. If the manufacturer says that engineering is required that the inventor has not completed and does not want to pay the manufacturer to do, and the manufacturer does not therefore feel comfortable quoting costs, a quote will not be completed. We also reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.  We will determine within 10 business days whether or not we are able to provide our quotation service to you. If we determine for any reason that we cannot or will not provide a quote, your payment will be refunded within an additional 5 business days.

We can provide quotes on product design, engineering, artwork, and UL or other safety testing if needed. There are options to request request these additional quotes on the form below at no additional charge.

Detailed engineering is not always required for a manufacturing quote, at other times it is. This is dependent upon the complexity, materials requirements, stress tolerances and other factors as determined by the manufacturer since they are guaranteeing their quote.  In such cases where engineering is required that you are not interested in having done at this time, you may be presented with the option of receiving an estimate, and a percentage within which the  manufacturer guarantees production in conjunction with the typical parameters, elevator clauses and time periods intrinsic to full quotations.



Complete all fields to the best of your ability. If you do not know something, that's fine, we will be contacting you for clarification on everything prior to obtaining a quote.


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If product has much complexity, lack of engineering may make an exact quote impossible.  In such a case please indicate if you would you prefer to receive an estimate or a refund.


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