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The single most productive thing that any inventor can do to safeguard themselves against all 3 of the “traps” discussed in the book, is to get a professional evaluation from one of the few reputable people who work with individual inventors.

To this end, any of the licensing agents or companies found within “The Recommends List” (chapter 7 of the book) can provide you with accurate evaluations if they work in your industry. At the same time, this is something I have done for years with some of the top minds in licensing as well, thus I offer my expertise and my desire to truly help inventors succeed or “Fail forward fast” (Chapter 1).

If you'd like me to evaluate your invention or idea for an invention, the added value I'll provide will include:

Note: I've seen more than a few inventors become angry when their invention received an evaluation stating that they should not proceed in their efforts. If this is your personality type, please pass on this offer!

The price of this service through The Inventor Trap is $200.00. The cost and risk of not having a professional evaluation is discussed at length in the book. You do not not need to use our service, but for the sake of any and and all concerned, please, please do seek a reputable agent to evaluate your invention prior to spending any money on licensing or a legal protection.

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